About Us

About Us

Rayat Old Student Association(ROSA) is an independent nonprofit organization of the Alumni (former graduates and former faculty) of RIEIIT Ropar. ROSA Chapters provide a forum for interaction for the Alumni, students, faculty, and friends of RIEIT,Ropar.

Our Mission

ROSA is a nonprofit, nonpolitical organization of former graduates and former faculty members (hereafter collectively referred to as the Alumni) of RIEIT,Ropar.

ROSA aims to engage in charitable activities that promote education, including the promotion of educational objectives of the Alumni, students, and faculty of RIEIT,Ropar.

ROSA aims to provide a forum for exchange and interaction between the Alumni of RIEIT and the students, faculty, and friends of RIEIT,Ropar, fostering international friendship and understanding.

ROSA aims to provide counseling, guidance, and assistance to the Alumni of RIEIT,Ropar in their pursuit of advanced education and social assimilation.

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